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Dear attorney,

Whether you went to law school to make a positive impact on the world or because you love the work or if you wanted a good paying job, when you left law school no one taught you how to talk to potential clients.

Sure, there were a lot of lessons on how to write. Just, not for everyday folks.

The way you talk to a judge, the way you write for a brief, and the way you conduct a deposition aren’t the same ways that are going to help get you clients.

If you’re a plaintiff’s attorney representing the “average” folks in America and sound like a lawyer, the majority of us won’t relate to you.

Beyond that, approximately half of all Americans are at or below an eighth-grade reading level. Too many lawyers write in a way that people don’t use to communicate with or relate to each other. When you write using common language and weed out the jargon, you make it easier for everyone to better connect and understand you and your message.

That matters because you’re asking people to trust you.

If the people you want to represent don’t trust you, they might hire you and they might one day trust you…but here’s the problem: it’s more difficult and more expensive to get people to take action when they don’t understand how you’re going to make their life genuinely better.

So many people don’t know when or why they should call a lawyer, and especially not why they should call you instead of someone else.

When you run the generic “Injured? Call me!” messages, you’re fishing in the same pond as everyone else with the same bait. There are other fish in that pond, and there are other ponds to fish in. Some people don’t trust lawyers, don’t connect with the messages they’ve heard so far, or they don’t take action for one reason or another. These are people who have legitimate legal needs that aren’t being met because everyone is fishing in the same pond with the same bait.

There are people who look at lawyers and wonder if you’re just one more person who’s going to screw them over.

You and I both know that’s not true.

Recognize that there are a lot of people in the world and they do not resonate with every message. Thus, having your own clear message about how you can help will allow you to connect with the hearts and minds of your prospects and grow your law firm.

So, what do you do?

There are three things you must do.

First, you need to talk to people in language they get.

If a second-grader won’t get it, then neither will many other folks who do have legitimate injuries. Not because of a lack of intelligence. It’s because people don’t understand the legal system, claims, and lawyer jargon.

As a result, law firms are spending a lot of money advertising to people who don’t understand what you’re offering.

Yes, some will call you because they’ve seen hundreds or thousands of ads over the course of their life and it seems like a thing to do. However, do not misconstrue this as a sign that they actually get why they should call a lawyer or you for that matter.

This means starting with the absolute simplest description of the impact you will be able to have on an injured person’s life. Describe why their problem is something you can address.

The role of marketing is to help prospective clients see your role as one who can help them get to a better resolution. It is your job to educate people on that specific framing. If people don’t see you as the path to relieving a problem or problems in their lives, it’s going to cost you more to get those people to sign with you.

Speak as if you were talking with a friend, a relative, or even a stranger on the street. Look for the phrases that wouldn’t make sense when explaining to a kid how you can help people. Then, replace the jargon with more descriptive terms that can help anyone understand what you’re offering.

Remember, you’re here to help the client and you’re asking your clients to trust you with their problems and their future.

Talking to your prospects in a way they understand is not only efficient at communicating your message quickly, but it’s also a sign that you are willing to step into their shoes, to understand their perspective.

Anyone who needs help is much more likely to put their trust in the person who makes the effort to have empathy for them, to spell out the problem and the solution in a way that makes sense right away.

Second, use a variety of messages.

Yes, you do want to have consistency when it comes to your branding. This is not a discussion on branding. This is about how you help potential clients understand when they should call you.

As I’ve often seen, there are people with claims who don’t realize it and subsequently don’t respond to traditional ads because they’re numb to those decades-old messages.

As you prepare to write for any marketing material, think about the various points in your prospective client’s journey. How did their injury affect them? What choices did they make without being informed of the risks? When did they experience different types of frustration, pain, or loss?

For a person who was in a car accident, for example, an ad that talks about possible compensation with no understanding for the medical procedures, disruption of everyday life, or difficult recovery from injuries is not going to connect with a person who is in the early stages of getting medical care.

When that person is actively recovering from a serious injury, finding ways to pay the bills or coordinate their kids’ transportation or get to a doctor’s appointment takes enough of their time and energy. Speak to them as if they were your best friend, and you wanted to do nothing but take some worry off their plate.

This is one example of how to communicate through your marketing like a human being. Connect with the experiences of the people you’ll be able to help, and you’ll find that there are many ways you could approach the conversation.

The important part of this step is to add variety. You don’t know where a person may be in their journey, and people respond to different types of messages. Mix it up, and you’ll find what works best for your audience for a given topic.

Third, give people a reason to view you as the solution, not a solution.

If you sound like every other lawyer, there’s no reason to call you. And yet, the vast majority of lawyer marketing is the same, running the same concepts over and over, sometimes with virtually the same wording.

Explain what your experience, training, and passion allow you to provide to injured people. Be specific about why your law firm, your team is able to get real help for people who need it.

Think about the wins you’ve secured for your clients and the ways their lives were impacted by your work.

Then, figure out what makes you unique from other lawyers with the same experience and training.

You can make your own list of what makes you distinct from the competition, but that may not be what your clients value most about you.

Start by listening to how others talk about you and your team. Read your reviews, and look for what sticks out beyond ‘they did a good job.’ Speak to your recent clients, or even your staff, and see what they have to say about why they hired you or choose to work with you.

Bring both of these messages together, giving prospects a clear and compelling reason to trust you with their case. Communicate why you’re exactly who they need.

Wow, this sounds like a lot of work!

Yay, more work. Isn’t that exactly what you want to hear? Every conference and webinar you attend results in more work for you to do in your marketing. Woohoo. That’s so exciting. (Insert an eyeroll here.)

So, yes, this could be a lot of work if you had to do all of the above from the ground up.

But you see, I have done this from scratch for the last ten years.

When I was first hired as the Director of Marketing for a national mass tort and personal injury law firm, I had to write everything from scratch. While I already had a writing career of seven years at that point, I didn’t yet know how to write for lawyers.

So what did I do?

I studied what lawyers were offering and what people genuinely needed help with. Then I studied the cultural discourse around frivolous lawsuits and what drove so many people’s perceptions of lawyers.

And then I studied lawyer marketing. And what did I find?

I found marketing language that didn’t make sense or address almost any of my concerns.

Here’s the thing, when you show a big check you got for a client, people often think, “Yeah, but you won’t be able to get that for me.”

When you tell people they can get a free consultation, many wonder, “Oh, sure, that’s a joke. What strings are attached?”

When you tell people, “Injured? Call me!” no one remembers you because people get injured all the time when it has nothing to do with calling a lawyer.

You see, no one actually has any idea what you do.

No one knows what a plaintiffs’ lawyer is.

Some of this is because it’s not relevant to the day-to-day lives of most Americans. And some of it is because lawyers have used such simplistic marketing for decades that has further diluted any clarity anyone might have had. This is all happening against the backdrop of insurance companies and other big corporations running propaganda campaigns to tell Americans that lawyers are the ones causing all of the problems drumming up illegitimate lawsuits.

To solve this problem, I began developing methods of writing that help disarm a person’s disbelief while also showing them why it is in their own interest to contact a lawyer.

THAT is critical.

Let me restate that:

Your marketing needs to disarm people’s lack of trust in lawyers while showing that contacting a lawyer is a good and safe step to take.

I entered the legal marketing industry in July of 2011.

Over the past 10 years,
my team and I have worked with 100s of firms,
we’ve tested 1,000s of messages,
we’ve generated 10,000s of leads across campaigns,
we have invested $100,000s into our team,
and we’ve tested our strategies over $10,000,000s in ad budgets.


And this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Over this time, we developed our own in-house methods for researching campaign topics and then writing to invite the everyday person into a conversation about how a lawyer can help them.

What most people don’t do in legal marketing is conduct thorough research about the topic and, most importantly, the people they’ll be showing the messages to.

Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves when compiling research on any given topic or tort:

1. What challenges are facing your prospect?
2. What fears do people have?
3. What assumptions do they have?
4. What misperceptions are they holding?
5. What questions aren’t getting answered?

To research, we scour the internet:

- News articles
- YouTube videos about individuals
- Support groups on social media and forums
- Relevant speakers and authors

If you want to be able to genuinely connect with people, you need to know them beyond the criteria for a case. You need to understand your specific market for every. single. campaign.

Research conducted by a skilled and experienced marketer takes hours. It is only after you’ve done that that you can begin to craft your advertising campaigns.

So you have four options.

#1 - Do it yourself.

You can invest your own resources into research and writing. This is extremely time-consuming if you’re going to do it right.

#2 - Don’t be diligent, just write and deploy.

From what we’ve seen, this is the most standard method for developing legal marketing campaigns. It is no wonder that so many law firms are frustrated by lackluster results.

#3 - Pay an experienced legal marketing and messaging expert.

There aren’t many of these that exist outside of agencies, unfortunately, and often to get this level of quality you have to be locked into a substantial financial arrangement.

#4 - Harness materials already developed for lawyers like you.

Up until now, you have only had three options. We are excited to announce a fourth option for lawyers.

We’ve talked to hundreds of law firms, and one thing stands out: there are many excellent lawyers who provide top-notch client service, and yet they struggle to get more clients through marketing beyond word of mouth. Our goal is to help these lawyers help thousands more clients and help make the world a better place.


For the first time ever, we are unlocking the…

Over the last decade, we tested our strategies in a wide range of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, including:

Our campaigns have included practice areas like…

Our mass tort work included topics like…




Firefighting Foam

Hernia Mesh





Storm Damage



Transvaginal Mesh





Car Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Sexual Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Asbestos Exposure

Dog Bites

Construction Accidents

Workers Compensation

Social Security Disability

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Probate Law

Bad Faith Insurance

Family Law

Online and traditional advertising

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Email marketing and drip sequences


Free reports


In-depth articles and blog posts

Would you like to tap 10 years of experience and the data and lessons learned from managing 10s of millions in ad budgets?

Today, you can sign up for our beta-Access to the Russell Media Legal Marketing Vault.

The Russell Media Legal Marketing Vault

- Allows you to save enormous amounts of time and frustration coming up with marketing messages.

- Gives you access to time-tested materials that you can copy and paste to get projects out the door.

Please note that while materials are written with many bar rules in mind, it is each law firm’s responsibility to review all marketing messages to ensure they abide by the ethics of your local bar associations.

- Equips you to connect with potential claimants in easy-to-get ways.

In the end, the Russell Media Legal Marketing Vault is a tool to allow you to get more marketing projects deployed in less time.

We have two libraries available for law firms, you can get one or both. Each library comes with rights to our messaging, tools, and images (we have appropriate licenses for you to use the images in this library).

Get Access to either the Personal Injury or Mass Tort Library for $297 each month.

Or, pay $497 monthly for access to both libraries.

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We worked with the Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers team on Texas Storm claims in early 2021, generating leads from individuals impacted by power loss and storm damage. This was a campaign their team started to run in-house, but they wanted to bring in Russell Media to help.

The Guss team had their own ads, which we tested alongside Russell Media-designed materials. Our ads and landing page
reduced the cost per lead by 38%.

Amount Spent


Cost per Lead

Case Study

The point of this is not to say that the materials designed by the firm were poor; they were clean and designed well. However, our experience writing to connect with people who need legal representation paid off, allowing the firm to reach many more people in their state who were in desperate need of quality legal representation.

"Thanks so much! Y’all have seriously done an incredible job on this which is why we’re needing to pause the campaign. 
We couldn’t be happier!" - Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law







Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers

Russell Media

What have others said about our legal marketing and messaging expertise?

Russell Media's creative work has been the backbone of our results. We've been working with the Russell Media team for some time now to connect with individuals who have been sexually assaulted. This type of campaign comes with a higher level of responsibility in how we communicate in our ads. The compassion and precision that Russell Media has given our campaign are evident in both the materials and in the results.

I also have to comment on the care we receive on a relationship level in addition to the savvy data analysis. The team provides regular updates and checks with us consistently on what we're seeing on our end. They've communicated clearly and promptly when results have not been ideal and have time and again provided clear guidance and plans of action to deliver quality results."

- Derek T. Braslow, The Braslow Firm

“I needed to launch a campaign fast because I had a state deadline rapidly approaching. I called Russell Media and they had me launched with speed and precision. Their copywriting allowed me to do a marketing blitz and sign up quality cases in mere days at a rate far better than I could have imagined. They understand how to pull together the nuance of complex litigation and go tell the public about it in a way that is easily understandable. Hands down, I 100% recommend these folks."

- Andrew Regard, Regard Law Group PLLC

“Russell Media got my mass tort campaign going quickly. Within twelve hours, I knew our first campaign was a success so I immediately increased budget and spend. They scaled the budget with great effectiveness, were highly responsive to my needs, and managed a campaign that was more cost-effective than competing agencies.

Their creatives team is top-notch, doing extensive research and development. With Russell Media, they deliver the results while giving you a hands-on customer experience.”

- John Selinger, Selinger Law Group

“I saw one of Luke and Eva's presentations and knew I wanted to work with the best. They've been running a mass tort campaign for several months and we've continuously been signing up clients at a great rate.

Their ads are top-notch and their customer experience is excellent.

They are quick to communicate, they identify issues before I do, and they are speedy in making any necessary pivots. Looking for mass tort cases? Russell Media will help you get them."

- Gregg Goldfarb, Gregg M. Goldfarb, LLP

Here's exactly what you'll get

Full access to our copy and images for ads, video scripts, emails, and more for:

Asbestos exposure

Car accidents

Construction accidents

Dog bites

General personal injury claims

Long-term disability claims

Motorcycle accidents

Nursing home abuse

Social Security Disability

Trucking accidents

Veteran’s disability

Workers’ compensation

Personal Injury Library

Mass Tort Library

Full access to our copy and images for ads, video scripts, emails, and more for:


Clergy sexual abuse



Firefighting foam

Hernia mesh

Institutional sexual abuse








Marketing video tutorials

Interactive marketing resources

Legal marketing reading and resources

SEO sample outlines (on some topics)

SEO and marketing content ideas

Marketing video tutorials

Interactive marketing resources

Legal marketing reading and resources


$297 per month for access to one library

$497 per month for access to both the Personal Injury and Mass Tort libraries

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This brand-new offering is currently in beta access.

We are actively working to expand the materials in the Vault as well as building out additional resources for helping law firms use the materials and deploy them. As an early access member, you will have the opportunity to shape the Vault as we are actively working to expand the depth and breadth of materials available to members.

After you sign up, here’s what’ll happen next
1. You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase
2. Our team will reach out to determine which email address you want us to share your access with.
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4. You can immediately begin using the materials available in the Dropbox folder.
5. Our team will reach out directly to schedule an onboarding call.
6. In the onboarding call, we will get to know your law firm and your firm’s goals. Next, we’ll work with you on identifying the best ways to start using your Vault access today.

Beta members get…
- Onboarding call
- Opportunity to influence the materials we develop
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Here’s what The Vault looks like currently

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